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Living Intentionally

This week on {Let's Chat with Gina + Matt}, we tap into living intentionally each day. Two fun Matt facts: Matt says he sucks at having fun + Matt likes to set a timer throughout the day to get his family's laundry completed so they can focus on family fun time on the weekend. What a great idea! How do you live intentionally? Do you schedule fun? What is one habit that you can change today that can help you live intentionally now and help you tomorrow (long-term)? As we understand our beliefs, values, and whys of our lives, we actively live in line with them with peace + intention... and fun won't need to be 'scheduled.' What do you think?

{Let's Chat with Gina + Matt} is a weekly banter of encounters that they have witnessed to help us all open up, learn + grow, and become the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for our communities that we serve. As a Health Coach and Life Advisor, Gina + Matt support individuals who want to live optimally each day. And remember, you are not alone in your journey!

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