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This week, #RESISTANCE surfaced as a theme from our client conversations and experiences so....#WeBanter.

Are you surrounded by barriers in life at home, at work, or elsewhere that cause lack of progress, motivation, conflict, anxiety, retreat, refusal...or something else? Why? Or are we the one putting up the brick wall? Why?

Is it the situation at hand or something underlying that hasn't been resolved yet? A client of Matt's, along with many others, went back to the 'office' this week to find his deck moved along with many of his personal belongings without communication or acknowledgement. How would you play out this situation and/or all the other changes that are happening constantly every day. How are you (re)acting, behaving, feeling or thinking through unexpected situations, or resistance? #Choices #Communication #Collaboration #Grace

P.S. Just a heads-up, Gina and Matt are taking the banter for a little adventure next week. Tune in next Friday to find out where they land and why! Hint: They will still be in a house; just not their homes.

{Let's Chat with Gina + Matt} is a weekly banter of encounters that they have witnessed to help us all open up, learn + grow, and become the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for our communities that we serve. As a Health Coach and Life Advisor, Gina + Matt support individuals who want to live optimally each day. And remember, you are not alone in your journey! #cheers

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