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Show Appreciation Without Food

Is food the 'only' way to celebrate or show appreciation? This week a client of Gina's shares her frustration that during #TeacherAppreciationWeek (and at other times) food is a staple to indicate thanks. Why is she frustrated? It's also given as a gift, a reward, a way to mourn, a way to show love, to celebrate, to extend appreciation, and so many other ways. We live in a food centric world. Do you feel it? How can we change that? #ThankYouTeachers #ThankYouNurses #hatday

{Let's Chat with Gina + Matt} is a weekly banter of encounters that they have witnessed to help us all open up, learn + grow, and become the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for our communities that we serve. As a Health Coach and Life Advisor, Gina + Matt support individuals who want to live optimally each day. And remember, you are not alone in your journey!

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