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Image by Nadine Shaabana

Shoes to Shine

Do you have a business idea and need a roadmap? 
Or do you need to update your existing plan to be current? 
An effective business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business to growing it and transition game planYou’ll use your documented plan as a guide as you navigate through many different situations. It’s a way to think through the key elements of your business and gives peace of mind and calmness to what could be stressful times throughout your journey. 
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Image by Nadine Shaabana

Seeds to Grow

We often talk about the importance of building relationships for sales effectiveness. But what about the relationships we already enjoy and the countless relationships in our future? From the little league ball field to the health club, church meeting, neighborhood gathering or civic event, opportunities present themselves every day to share with friends, contacts and acquaintances insights on our professional life. As sales professionals, if we only look for sales opportunities during the work day and at the office, we are missing out. And if we only see “opportunity” in the form of a closed sale, we are missing out on this front as well.  
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Pocket Watch

In Due Time

Learning to expect the unexpected is a time-honored rite of passage for every small business owner. But when unpredictability strikes, fallout can be devastating. That’s why having a solid succession plan in place is crucial, not only to future-proof your business but to maintain the trust and confidence of your clients, associates, communities, and your investors. 72% of all entrepreneurs have no succession plan established.  Let's brings peace of mind and clear understanding among all parties. 
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Image by Emma Simpson

Take Control 

Many individuals tell me that they work too much or can't find peace, They want a healthy balance between work + play or that work is more rewarding. Sound familiar? Our work-life balance is heavily skewed in favor of work. Is it time to take control of your health? Stop the auto-pilot of life? Create a sustainable 
lifestyle that you will love because you matter.  Your business matters. And those who you serve matters. Let's establish a health + wellness  "lifestyle" plan that's right for you. We want you to live your best life starting today!!

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Trio of Candles

Greater Than You + Me

Our connections matter. Relationships with our family and clients, friends and partners, spiritual unions, and the communities we serve. They provide a foundation of trust and a sustainable, fruitful life. They help us learn and navigate through life better. When we experience tough times, they help us heal healthy. Spiritual joys are experienced through religion, meditation, yoga, and even personal reflection that help with appreciation, generosity, lifestyle balance, perspective, optimism, compassion, work ethic, and self-actualization.

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Image by Corinne Kutz

Intentional Living

Are you feeling unbalanced?Financially concerned?  Physically unmotivated? Professionally drained? Not interested in any hobbies or communities? Emotionally checked out? Feeling uncertain what goals you're focused on these days? You're not alone. It's very common as we live in the current state of ever-changing, 
times. With purpose and focus, paired with accountability, we'll get you back on track with a personal and professional roadmap to enable a well-rounded,  intentional life you desire. 
Let's get started. 
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