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The launch of {Let's Chat with Gina + Matt} banter

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I am excited to announce a new collaboration with Gina Schmidt David and we are excited to launch our new series Let's Chat with Gina + Matt. Here is our first weeks episode!

Health Coach Gina + Life Advisor Matt dive into a recent comment that men are just about sex and food which was made after Matt introduced himself at a networking event this week. Is that what we are really about? Learn more about this interaction and reaction, feelings and thoughts right here, and what next? Real or not in your life, it happened.

{Let's Chat with Gina + Matt} is a weekly banter of encounters that they have witnessed to help us all open up, learn + grow, and become the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for our communities that we serve. As a Health Coach and Life Advisor, Gina + Matt support individuals who want to live optimally each day.

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