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Control. Out-of-Control. In-Control. Out-of-Our-Control. Control. Who wants control? What can you control? How do we respond to change? It's very easy for the mind to enter a worrisome spiral when trying to take in everything we can't control. This is a HOT topic as we navigate all the noise around us and changes we continue to battle each day. While the healthier choice may seem harder, it pays dividends further down the line. Nothing is worth more than this day so lets plow our energy into controlling the few things we can to feel better and live life to a fuller extent, shall we? #Control #Grace #peace

{Let's Chat with Gina + Matt} is a weekly banter of encounters that they have witnessed to help us all open up, learn + grow, and become the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for our communities that we serve. As a Health Coach and Life Advisor, Gina + Matt support individuals who want to live optimally each day. And remember, you are not alone in your journey!

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